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A. 在项目开始时,项目資源被迁移到经营中;而随之项目趋向完毕,经营資源被 迁移到项目中

B. 项目和经营都服务项目于明确的机构发展战略

C. 项目与经营会在生命周期的不另外点交差

D. 在每一交接点,可交货成效及专业知识在项目与经营中间迁移,以进行交接工作

Which of the following is incorrect?

A. at the beginning of the project, the project resources are transferred to the operation, and then the project tends to be completed, and the operation resources are transferred to the project

B. both projects and operations serve the project in a clear institutional development strategy

C. The project and operation will have no other point of intersection in the life cycle

D. at each handover point, the deliverable effect and professional knowledge can be transferred between the project and the operation for handover

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