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A. 项目管理精英团队在幵展实际项目时务必严格执行pmbok手册所要求的项目管 理全过程

B. 每一个项目管理全过程在一个项目中将会不仅开展一次

C. 项目管理各全过程中间一般独立同分布而且严苛按依次排列顺序

D. 项目管理全过程组相当于项目环节

Which of the following is appropriate?

A. the project management elite team must strictly implement the whole process of project management required by PMBOK manual when developing the actual project

B. every project management process will not only be carried out once in a project

C. the whole process of project management is generally independent and distributed in strict order

D. the whole process team of project management is equivalent to the project link

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