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A. 要是在要求的范畴、時间、成本费和品质之中进行,项目就是说取得成功的

B. 应当由高級管理层明确项目的取得成功点评规范

C. 关键有关方和项目经理应就如何看待项目取得成功达成一致

D. 应当由项目经理明确项目的取得成功点评规范

Which of the following is appropriate for the standard of project success evaluation?

A. if the project is carried out within the required scope, time, cost and quality, it is successful

B. It is up to the senior management to clarify the successful evaluation criteria of the project

C. key stakeholders and project managers should agree on how to view project success

D. the project manager shall make clear the successful evaluation standard of the project

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