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PMP培训 Benchmarking compares actual or planned practices with benchmarks to identify best practices for best practice identification.

Benchmarks can come from within the organization, or they can be analyzed from outside the organization, analyzing existing document identification and demand-related information to mine new requirements.

That is to look at the existing documents, identify new needs in the process of watching, the decision includes voting and multi-standard decision analysis, the voting is divided into unanimous consent.

Most agree, and the majority agrees. Authoritarian decision making.

Consensus, that is, 100% consent, such as Delphi technology! Delphi technology is a must-have for remote exams. Most agree that the minority is subject to the majority and more than 50% agree. For example, 40% must obey 60%, and the majority agrees. Use more than two candidates, for example, there are three candidates, each of which is no more than half, then choose a relatively more dictatorial decision. One person makes a decision, and one person has the final say.

JAD is the application of guided seminars in the software industry, bringing together users and development teams to improve the software development process. The quality function expands the application of QF-guided seminars in manufacturing, collects requirements from customers, and then classifies and ranks these requirements. The application of user story-guided seminars in agile methods, the relevant people express their needs in the form of telling a small story.

Affinity diagrams group a large number of ideas, grouped according to affinity correlation, and put together the same type, which is also called induction.

mind Mapping. Combine the vast amount of ideas gained in brainstorming into a single picture. What do you associate with from this place? What is the purpose of stimulating new ideas from the extension of that place. Therefore, the mind map is also called the deductive method.

Nominal group technology, brainstorming first, sorting out the most useful ideas by voting, prioritizing brainstorming, and agreeing to the most people is the desired solution.

Observe or talk, directly view how the individual performs the work or implementation process in the environment, including work follow-up observers, guidance, often combined with thematic seminars, for cross-functional cross-sector coordination, a major difference in the needs of the relevant stakeholders Technology, which has different applications in different situations, joint application development.

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