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Immediately before the relationship drawing method, the critical path method, the free time difference is always poor, these usually he does not test how much, not how to test, simple calculation, three-point estimation, its calculation method is to use the most optimistic time, plus Four times the most likely time, then add the most pessimistic time, it is added and then divided by six.

The proportion of computers is very small, and there may be less than ten questions in the 200-choice multiple-choice questions, and he is very simple to test, and does not need to use draft paper, let alone count to calculate. So if there are some difficult questions, it’s not a problem that can’t be more than a minute. Usually he won’t take the test.

The number of communication channels, if you want to know this, you should know it briefly. This is in the communication management of the project. For example, if there are N people in your team, then the number of communication channels is N multiplied by N minus one, and then divided by two. , this is the number of communication channels

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