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  • 首先强调的就是一种持续创新,那么这里面的话它也涉及到一个观点,什么观点?创新的想法。其实在这种权威的结构化的这种环境之下,是比较难以产生的。

  • 那么究其原因,其实就像刚才我们讲的创新的想法,在一些这种较权威性、结构化,这样一种环境之下,其实它还是比较的难以产生的。 

Agile, its purpose is to innovate products, including some exploratory projects, so it's easy to see its business goals.

For example, why do we talk about companies in some systems, and some like large ones?

Enterprises, their supporting power is relatively high, but its ability to innovate will be relatively low, so relatively speaking, some companies than the Internet, including some of these technology companies, its innovation Will be lower.

The first thing to emphasize is a kind of continuous innovation. Then, in this case, it also involves a point of view, what point of view? Innovative ideas. In fact, in this kind of authoritative structured environment, it is more difficult to produce.

So the reason is actually like the innovative ideas we just talked about. In some such more authoritative and structured environments, it is actually quite difficult to produce.

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