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  • 事实上其实如果重点去关注这个事件的推进,然后关注解决方案的话,一般沟通起来就会容易点,如果有的时候把焦点放在自己身上,这沟通起来就会比较麻烦一点。然后是非口头技能,就有的时候不是完全说用语言或者用文字,有还包括一些肢体动作,语音语调.

  • 什么沟通胜任力是有一些他很擅长于这一部分,然后有一个是反馈,沟通的时候通常是需要去或知道对方的反馈,这样的话才会比较好一点。 

  • 比如说是用一些这种包括PPT或者类似的一些什么样的方式来去做一个演示互动,然后是项目管理信息系统,那么有一些电子工具能够帮助更好的去沟通.

Communication technology push communication, pull is communication, interactive communication, what kind of communication method, communication skills, this is a soft skill, first because some people are very good at communicating with others, some things are compared Hard work,

In fact, if you focus on the promotion of this event and then pay attention to the solution, it will be easier to communicate. If you focus on yourself, it will be more troublesome to communicate. Then there is non-verbal skills, sometimes there is not a complete use of language or text, there are also some physical movements, voice intonation.

What communication competence is there is that he is very good at this part, and then there is a feedback, communication is usually necessary to know or know the other party's feedback, so that it will be better.

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