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顾客常用的应用软件程序流程现有10个年分,但仍必须此软件适用其业务流程管理 程,关系项目有关方觉得手机软件已落伍,并必须拆换,便于考虑当今的信息科技 规范。一名项目经理被任职制做商业服务论述书。商业服务论述书将用于明确以下哪一 项?

A. 全部项目的成本费

B. 项目有关方的管理决策是不是恰当

C. 项目是不是最该开展项目投资

D. 全部项目的延迟时间

The customer's commonly used application software process is 10 years old, but it is still necessary to apply the software to its business process management process. The related parties of the relationship project feel that the mobile phone software has fallen behind, and it must be removed and replaced to facilitate the consideration of today's information technology specifications. A project manager was appointed to make a business service statement. Which of the following will be used in the business services statement?

A. cost of all projects

B. is the management decision of relevant parties of the project proper

C. is the project the most appropriate investment

D. delay time of all projects

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