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某企业创建了一个项目管理公司办公室,用以融洽和管理其诸多项目,公 司的pmo明确提出了一个实际的项目机构和提议,并做为规范在全企业执行。该组 织构造的特性是设定了具有高级支配权(包含操纵项目费用预算)的全职的项目经理和 全职的管理工作人员。pmo明确提出了哪种组织架构?

A. 强向量

B. 弱向量

C. 项目型

D. 职责型

 An enterprise has created a project management company office (PM). )In order to harmonize and manage many of its projects, PMO of the company clearly puts forward a practical project organization and proposal, which is implemented in the whole enterprise as a standard. This group

The characteristic of organizational structure is to set up full-time project manager and full-time management staff with senior control (including project cost budget manipulation). Which organizational structure does PMO clearly put forward?

A. strong vector

B. weak vector

C. project type

D. responsibility type

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