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—名CEO关键为关心运营管理与顾客服务的职责经理出示适用。他想提升项 目管理缋效,决策在机构中创建pmo。下列哪种是开设pmo的最好方式?

A. 将开设pmo做为一个项目来做

B. 开设pmo,用以项目的融洽与生产调度

C. 聘用一名咨询顾问,资询开设pmo的机构方式

D. 把pmo做为一月工作汇报总结项目情况的单位

A CEO is the key to show the applicability to the manager who cares about operation management and customer service. He wants to improve project management performance and make decisions to create PMOS in the organization. Which of the following is the best way to open a PMO?

A. set up PMO as a project

B. set up PMO for project harmony and production scheduling

C. employ a consultant to inquire about the way of setting up PMO

D. take PMO as the unit for monthly work report and project summary

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