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A project elite team carried out testing on a project upgrade on Sunday. The customer specific quality assurance testing engineer is unable to participate in the adjustment test and sign the agreement, neither the testing engineer nor the parallel line supervisor can contact, the elite team often carries out this project, and after many tests, it is believed that the equipment will be put into operation in the morning of Monday. What should project managers do?  

A. mark the interruption and upgrading of the elite team, and assign the emergency review meeting with the project sponsor on Monday morning

B. keep the elite team on standby in case the test engineer can be contacted by Monday morning

C. mark a member of the customer elite team to replace a specific test engineer to carry out acceptance test and sign the agreement

D. Test Engineer authorized to sign up for the upgrade according to the upgrade report steps

Reference answer: D

This question is in Chapter 10 communication management, overall planning communication management process. The whole process shows the reporting process of force majeure events.

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