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此题在考第10章沟通交流管理,管理沟通交流全过程。管理沟通交流的键入不太好系统日志和质量报告。枚举法,A参考答案,不正确取决于项目一般 和人事部不相干;C的难题是不可以把某一資源的工作中平摊,大伙儿都比较忙;D的不正确不解决困难,太主观性。

An elite team member works within the specified time, but the delivery effect is not enough. What should the project manager do first?  

A. inform the personnel department that the elite team members are in a low state

B. meet with the elite team members to clarify the reasons for the low performance appraisal. 

C. assign some work of the elite team members to other team members. 

D. inform the elite team members of the adverse effects of non delivery work.

Reference answer: B

This question is in Chapter 10 communication management, management communication process. The input of management communication is not good for system log and quality report. Enumeration method, a reference answer, incorrect depends on the fact that the project is generally irrelevant to the personnel department; the problem of C is that the work of a certain resource cannot be shared equally, and everyone is busy; the problem of D is that it does not solve the problem, which is too subjective.

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