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分析:此题在考第10章沟通交流管理,监管沟通交流全过程。10.3监管沟通交流。沒有立即公布恰当信息内容才拥有谣传,它是沟通交流难题。项目中沟通交流难题,发布信息及其报告难题,必须升级核查或建立沟通交流管理方案,或是搞好沟通交流整体规划,A 最合乎。

The finance department has implemented a new system software for overall cost budget planning and forecast analysis. Rumors about how the new system software can make the unit more decentralized and inefficient have spread widely. How should project managers solve this problem?  

A. upgrade the communication and exchange management plan to include the staff of the financial department during the system software development period

B. ensure that institutional changes are indicated in the change management plan and imported at an acceptable rate

C. check the change management plan with the staff of the finance department to ensure that the whole process change is properly recorded

D. ensure to finance that their concerns are taken into account in the change management programme

Reference answer: a

Analysis: this question is in Chapter 10 communication management, supervision and communication process. 10.3 regulatory communication. It is difficult to communicate with others without releasing the right information immediately. In case of communication and communication problems, information release and report problems in the project, it is necessary to upgrade and verify or establish a communication and communication management plan, or do a good job in the overall communication and communication planning. A is the most suitable.

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