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如果不被考生认可,就不要它。它的本意是这样,就会有25道题不计分。标准说法是说在200道题去掉25题,在175题里面答对106题,在200题里面答对131题,就包含25道题,就有可能,对,也可能错。有同学说美国的考试他的语言是什么?标准的语言是英文,PMI为了推广它的PMP认证,在全球多个地方翻译为当地的语言。 中国是中文。

PMP training PMP培训

We introduce a certification called PMP which is a qualification for project management professionals. For this certification, it is an American exam. They are multiple choice questions and are multiple choice questions. No question and answer. There are four options before the selection, like these exam papers, it will have 200 multiple choice questions, there are four options. ABCD When you find that there are two pairs of answers, it is also wrong. It definitely determines that there is only one answer right. But you find that no, answering you is wrong. The written test is to use a pencil with 2B pencil.

At the time of the exam, the examination room will give you a pencil, a test paper, an answer sheet, a pencil, and a pencil to write the answer sheet. When you find out which answer is correct, which option is selected, how many questions are answered correctly. He said this, there are 25 questions that are supplementary questions, and 25 questions in 200 questions are not scored. Why is this set? This book is re-edited every four years. PMI will put some new knowledge points into this version. In order to test whether these versions are correct, the candidates from all over the world will choose in the exam. If this view is accepted by most of the global candidates, put it in the next version to become a standard for everyone to learn.

If you are not recognized by the candidate, do not want it. It is so intended that there will be 25 questions that are not scored. The standard saying is that 25 questions are removed in 200 questions, 106 questions are answered in 175 questions, and 131 questions are answered in 200 questions, which includes 25 questions, which may or may not be wrong. Some students say that his language is the American exam? The standard language is English, and PMI translates it into local languages in many parts of the world in order to promote its PMP certification. 

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