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The project is managed. Management refers to the daily work of the knowledge and skills methods learned in the mind to meet people's needs. We can sum up these tasks into 49 processes, each of which is based on logical relationships, how do we do it or during the five major processes, start planning and monitoring to close. PMI believes that all the management work of all projects will be like this. Start determination begins. Plan to develop a plan and implement it according to the plan. Monitoring and control plans and implementation to check, deviations and corrections, finishing the summary of the lessons learned documents. Management is doing this. PMI recommends such a process, and the exam exercises are like this.

There will be a transcript after the five major process groups have been tested, and that is the case. Each process group is happy that the answer is. After you have finished the test, just say that you can see the word in the transcript. This one knows. You can pass it. Because there will be no achievements on your certificate, as long as the pass is the same. Exam five process groups.

How do we manage project management? In the five major process groups, what to do and what to do in these areas. The five major process groups are to initiate planning and implementation, monitoring and closing, and the appropriate support areas are integration scope, time cost quality human resources, and communication risk procurement.

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