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How should 49 processes be described or how to express them? According to a structure to express, input tool output, the test will directly ask what input needs to be referred to in this process, what kind of method will be used, what kind of results will be obtained? The type exam will probably have 25 questions. For us, there is a simple type of calculation problem, and the calculation question should be the easiest for Chinese candidates. Because we will recite the ninety-nine multiplications, foreigners will not. At the time of the exam, the invigilator will also provide the calculator to us, but the calculator should not be taken away. It is only for use. We only need to know the formula, and it can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided.

The calculation problem is relatively simple. There are too few questions, only 10 to 12 questions, called 10 questions or 12 questions. For us, the most difficult thing is the whole commission. What is the reduction? He said that there is a case. What should you do with this situation? We all know that management has no right or wrong, and understanding it from different angles, the answer is different. Some students have prepared in the group and made questions on the WeChat system. They found that the understanding of each classmate is different and the answers are different. Management is not right or wrong.

There is doubt in a single student, we will talk about it in class. First guarantee a whole situation, this is called integration. The project manager is responsible for management, but it is not meant to do everything. From this point of view, the project that PMI assumes, the project to be discussed in PMBOK, has at least two people. a team. So he will have a chapter called resource management, also called team management.

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