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授权项目经理的文件叫什么? 叫项目章程。项目是临时的,项目经理也是临时的,要授权项目经理,我们需要制定项目章程,第一个过程就叫制定项目章程。项目经理是整合者,第一个知识领域叫整合管理,项目是临时的,项目经理一样,他没有权利要调动资源,靠一个文件,这个文件叫项目章程。所以它会有一个过程,叫制定项目章程。第四,项目经理要积极要主动,反对简单的服从领导。这句话一定对。咱们各位做管理,都希望你的下属要积极要主动。

There are two people who have a division of labor. Their division of labor is like this. One person is working and doing technology. The other one is watching him work and manage. This sentence says that the project manager is responsible for management, but not doing everything. He is managing. Usually the exam will be like this. But the progress is behind, what should the project manager do? There will be this option below. There is an option like this, write the code yourself, don't choose this. Although we usually do it, the exam is also managed. The third must be authorized. The exam for this sentence should have two or three questions.

What is the file of the authorized project manager? Call the project charter. The project is temporary and the project manager is temporary. To authorize the project manager, we need to develop a project charter. The first process is called the project charter. The project manager is the integrator. The first area of knowledge is called integrated management. The project is temporary. Like the project manager, he has no right to mobilize resources. He relies on a document called the project charter. So it will have a process called the development of a project charter. Fourth, project managers should actively take the initiative and oppose simple obedience to leadership. This sentence must be correct. Let's do management, and we all hope that your subordinates should be active.

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