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pmp培训 Project management is a profession, and project managers need to abide by professional ethics. He will emphasize that on the second page of this book, we must emphasize that we must abide by professional ethics. But if you say that you have taken a professional ethics question in the next exam, but you judge this question is a professional ethics question, what is my classmate's answering skills?

We will explain briefly. Specific answering techniques will also be explained in the course of the subsequent training. It must be said that from the perspective of PMI, in the past, after classmates reported on our side, they went home to do the questions and tried to do the right thing.

Sometimes there are questions about how long. A set of test papers, each of which is in English and Chinese, in Chinese and English. How long is the exam title? This is A4 paper, one page is English. flip over. One page is in Chinese. Two pages of paper. Just a topic.

The test time is from 9:00 to 1 pm, four hours, one minute and one question. Also think that the topic is so long, what should I do? This classmate said. It’s so long, I haven’t finished reading the questions, right? How to fight it? Therefore, you need to undergo intensive training, know what you are talking about, and quickly judge what to test. You can answer most of them, or you can answer most of them. Your pass rate is 66%.

No answer is required. But every topic has to be chosen. Of course, this topic will not, you can choose one to answer 25%, you want an hour, maybe he still won't. Just pick one, or your exam, of course, some questions will not, you can see which one of your lucky numbers is chosen this day, well, don't worry. If you do all of this, you should try to score as much as you can.

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