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  • 接下来剩下就是关于进度计划的更新以及相关方登记册,那么因为整个更新的话,要去把进度做一个调整,

  • 这样的话来反映咱们这样沟通的活动,以及因为相关方他对于这样沟通部分有一些新的认知或者说是一些调整,所以也要去更新到相关判断计策。

Who needs some kind of information, and in what form does it present it? When do you need to send information to where? What is the frequency of this information? The way the information is expressed, all of these things are presented in our communication management plan. of. When planning communication management at the same time, there will be an update to the relevant participation plan, because there will be people involved here, and he will have some new adjustments to the communication requirements.

It also acts as a tool, listing the ways he wants to participate in such a project, and what kind of form it is currently involved in to participate in such a project, so that you can know what is targeted later. Come and deal with such a part of him, let it better to participate in the project according to the plan.

The rest is about the update of the schedule and the relevant party register, then because the whole update, we have to make an adjustment to the progress, so as to reflect the activities we communicate with, and because the relevant parties have Some new cognitions are some adjustments, so I have to update them to relevant judgments.

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