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  • 携手合作,敏捷的话,其实核心来讲就是一种群体决策,而不是说要依靠单个人的一些或者说专家的这样这个叫什么

  • 那么所以这种经验就可以复制,它所带来的这种不确定性和风险就会比较低,所以其实这个的话这个不一样的一种模式,

  • 那么同时我们再来看,对于一些新的设计或者说一些问题,它有可能都是一种探索性的。那么这种探索性就要求我们这些专家

Certain work items identified, which generally have such a clear goal and process, and at the same time proved to be effective in similar projects, I experience the cost of such a concept, then why experience costs in some scenarios and In the project, it is OK, or he can use it.

Because he proved to be okay in the previous project, and my project is not too similar to the previous project, then I can use it directly.

Working together, in fact, we will talk about it later. In agile words, in fact, the core is a group decision, not to say that it depends on a single person or an expert.

So this kind of experience can be copied, and the uncertainty and risk brought by it will be relatively low, so in fact, this is a different mode.

Then let's look at it again. For some new designs or some problems, it may be exploratory. Then this kind of exploratory requires us experts

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