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  • 人际关系与它的基本中的引导,风险分类,数据表现的概率和影响矩阵以及那种气泡图,

  • 会议最后的输出是文件更新,包括风险登记册的更新

  • 假设日志问题是更新和风险报告的更新。

Record some important risk information and the current risk status of the entire project. So let's take a look at implementing qualitative risk analysis, its input and output tools and techniques.

The first is to enter the risk management plan in the project management plan. The assumptions in the project documents are the same, the inside of the risk register related board, the business environment factors and the organizational process assets, and the tools and techniques are expert judgement, one is the data. The rebound in the collection. Next, the risk data quality assessment, risk probability and impact assessment in data analysis, and other assessments other than probability and impact,

  • Interpersonal relationships and its basic guidance, risk classification, probability and impact matrix of data representation, and bubble maps,

  • The final output of the meeting is a document update, including an update of the risk register.

  • Assume that the log issue is an update of the update and risk report.

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