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Root cause analysis of brainstorming data analysis techniques for data collection techniques, analysis of constraints, assumptions, analysis, and analysis of documents

The risk register analyzes and prioritizes such risks in the risk register, and then the relevant parties are based on the test. Because there is a relationship with the risk owner, there are some people who are also responsible for the risk. Next, the business environment factors and organizational process assets.

The first step in implementing a qualitative risk analysis is the risk management plan in the project management plan, which tells how to do such a qualitative risk analysis. Next, the assumptions in the project document are consistent. There will be some resource factors and value conditions, so the evaluation rating of the risk will have some impact.

The guidance in interpersonal and team skills, as well as the cue list and the output of the meeting, it is important to predict the risk and the risk report file and the hypothetical log of the record.

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