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  • 接下来还有一个工具是概率和影响评估,这个你要清楚一个点是咱们概率和影响评估以及概率和影响矩阵,这里面的概率和影响,都并不是一个真正的概率和影响,它是一个大致的,它是会按照一个阶梯状来去划分。

  • 跟多深入的交流,交谈,也许会对这样一些概率影响这样一些方向有一个更清晰的认识。接下来是数据分析技术中的一个风险数据质量评估。

Experts judge that the next one is data collection technology, and data collection here is more rebound. Then the rebound says that when there are some experts or some people, the information of a certain part is relatively clear.

Qualitative risk analysis, if the analysis is good or not, it will actually be related to the quality of its own data. The quality itself is very good, then such a result may be more accurate, the quality is not good enough, then the result is definitely more influential.

Next, there is another tool for probability and impact assessment. You need to know that one point is our probability and impact assessment and the probability and impact matrix. The probability and impact of this are not a real probability and impact. It is a Roughly, it will be divided according to a ladder.

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