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此题在考第10章沟通交流管理,整体规划沟通交流管理全过程。题目上述为沟通交流难题,题目提及有关方“对只根据电子邮箱通告她们觉得躁动不安”因此应当为不一样的有关方挑选适合的沟通交流方式 和技术性。

The error of a project has been generated for many months, and this kind of situation will be sent to all interested parties in the weekly report according to the email. An important interested party soon learned about this error and felt uneasy about informing them only by email. If they want to prevent this problem, what should the project director do first?

A. make sure all parties concerned receive and understand each situation report

B. select appropriate communication methods for each interested party

C. immediately discuss with key interested parties about key problems or project errors

D. the plan and important interested parties hold a meeting on time to report on the project

Reference answer: B

This question is in Chapter 10 communication management, overall planning communication management process. The above topic is a difficult communication problem. The topic mentioned that the interested parties "feel restless and uneasy only according to the email notification", so they should select suitable communication methods and technicalities for different interested parties.

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