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The project schedule mainly has three manifestations and milestones.

Crossbar, logical crossbar, milestone, and the planned start and end dates for the main deliverables. The cross-bar graph, also called the Gantt chart, indicates the start date and end date of the event, showing the duration of the activity, but there is no logical relationship. Often used to report to management.

A logical cross-sectional diagram that indicates both the duration of the activity and the logical relationship between the activities.

pmp培训 Control progress, which belongs to the process management knowledge area monitoring process group. The process definition is to supervise the progress of project status update and manage the progress baseline change.

He has five input project management plans, project documents, job performance data, six tools for organizing process assets, data analysis, critical path method, project management information system, resource optimization, advance and lag, schedule compression, and Five outputs, job performance information, schedule forecasts, change requests, project management plan updates, project file updates.

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