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pmp培训,Planning cost management, which belongs to the cost management knowledge area planning process group, the process definition is to confirm how to estimate, how to budget, how to manage, how to monitor and control the cost of the project.


It has four inputs, project charter, project management plan, business environment factors, and three tools for organizing process assets. Expert judgement, data analysis, the meeting gets an output cost management plan, the cost management plan describes how the cost will be planned, how to arrange the cost, and how to control the cost of the project.

Estimated cost, which belongs to the planning process group of the cost management knowledge area. The process definition is an approximate estimation of the resource cost required to complete the project work. The cost estimate should consider all the resources charged for the project. It has four inputs, project management plan, project documentation, business environment factors, and organizational process assets.

Use 8 tools. :

Expert judgement, analogy estimation, parameter estimation, bottom-up estimation, three-point estimation, data analysis, project management information system, decision bottom-up estimation, first estimate the cost of each activity, then add to the work package, then The work package is added to the control account, and finally the cost estimate for the entire project is summarized.

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