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The purpose of the construction team is to improve the knowledge and skills of team members and to increase trust and identity among team members. Create an energetic, cohesive and collaborative team culture that enhances the team's ability to participate in decision making. There is a theory called the Tuckman team to develop a five-stage theory.

Team building usually goes through five stages. Since the project is temporary and there is a beginning and a end, the team is also temporarily formed and disbanded. It will be formed from the initial formation, through the shock specification to the final dissolution. The five phases are usually carried out in sequence. It is possible that the phase is reversed or the phase jumps. The length of the phase depends on the team's vitality, team size and team leadership. The team members begin to understand, begin to understand the project and responsibilities, and are not open and independent. In the period of shock and run-in, the conflicts are the most, there is no cohesiveness, mutual opposition, standardizing collaborative work, mutual trust, and solving problems together.




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