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  • 弹回计划。再往下面来看整体项目风险和应对策略,那么这边也是其实就是把威胁和机会的两个加在一起来了,就是规避很开拓,接下来是分享或是转移,或是提高或者减轻或是接受。 

  • 最后它的输出内容比较多,变更请求,有可能会藉由规划风险应对,导致对于成本基准、进度基准来做一些新的调整,接下来以及会导致很多计划的更新

  • 备选方案的分析和成本效益的分析,同时要去选定哪一种的话,要去做一个决策,多标准决策分析的工具。

Data analysis, alternative analysis and cost-benefit analysis, that is, to deal with such risks may have different application strategies, the response strategy will be more consistent with the current situation, what will its benefits be?

Bounce back to the plan. Looking down on the overall project risk and coping strategies, then this is actually adding the two threats and opportunities together, that is, avoiding is very open, then sharing or transferring, or raising or reducing or It is accepted.

In the end, it has a lot of output content, and the change request may be made by planning the risk response, which will lead to some new adjustments to the cost benchmark and the progress benchmark. Next, it will lead to many planned updates.

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